Truly White Organic LED Discovered By Physicists At University Of Utah

Truly White Organic LED Light?

Plastic-like polymer can now emit light of different colors. Scientists have discovered it can be tuned to do so by inserting platinum atoms into an organic semiconductor.

The experiment was conducted in the University of Utah and physicists say this will be less expensive, more efficient and also will be truly white organic LEDs. This will be future of light bulbs.

Physicist Z. Valy Vardeny from University of Utah said, “These new, platinum-rich polymers hold promise for white organic light-emitting diodes and new kinds of more efficient solar cells.”

White Organic LED Light

The study was published in Scientific Reports journal today and physicist Z. Valy Vardeny led the research.

Until now no commercial LEDs or OLEDs which are used for emitting lights are truly white LEDs, says Vardeny. In his new study the team was able to adjust the emitted colors by inserting platinum metal atoms in the chain-like organic polymer’s different intervals.

The OLED in the current mobile phones and other equipment use different organic polymers for emitting different colors. Red, green and blue colors are arranged in pixels and the three together produce white light. In the new study this process is not required.
Vardeny said, “This polymer emits light in the blue and red spectral range, and can be tuned to cover the whole visible spectrum… As such, it can serve as the active [or working] layer in white OLEDs that are predicted to replace regular light bulbs.”

He added further that the newly discovered polymer can even be used in solar power cell to covert sunlight into electricity more efficiently.

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