Upgrades In Google Chrome For Bettering Its Reach In Business Enterprises

Google is trying hard to enhance the adoption of its popular browser, Google Chrome inside business enterprises. A lot of new upgrades were added by Google with hope that it will make this browser fit for business use as well.

The different upgrades were released on April 16th in a post on Google Chrome blog made by Cyrus Mistry, the senior product manager for Chrome for business and education. He stated that despite the fact that people happily used Google Chrome for their daily work and connection to friends and news over the internet, the choice of the browser inside a business organization was largely decided by an IT team.

With the new Chrome management capabilities, Cyrus is hopeful that the IT team would be much happier choosing Chrome as their official browser. The browser now comes with cloud based management capability and this will help employers in a lot of ways.

The cloud based management feature gives IT administrators the power to configure and customize more than 100 different Chrome policies and preferences right from their own admin panel. At the same time, workers can access a lot of default apps from their home PCs and even work PCs making life relatively simpler for them.

The legacy browser support is another enhancement which can be used by IT administrators. It launches an alternate browser automatically whenever the need arises. Sometimes, there may be a few old apps which are not fit for Chrome and so these apps can run on the auto launched alternate browser. This gives the option of seamlessly switching from one browser to another as per work demands. Hence, IT managers can decide which app should be run on an alternate browser and can customize the same in Chrome policies and moderate it for use.

Hence, it seems likely that Chrome will continue to find out better ways in which it can convince business enterprises to opt for this browser.

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