SimCity Being Overhauled and Updated For Better Game Play

SimCity will probably be receiving its first update on the 22 of April, 2013 around 1 pm by the EA. It has been austerely entitled as the Update 2.0 and it is being introduced to fix any bugs and make improvements. However, the EA has already made the game users aware, that the servers may suffer problems due to the changes being made. The servers may go offline for some hours while the patch is being placed. New additions are being made to the game, the mayors will now be seen driving cars like limos, sports cars and also helicopters to work.

simcityA HUD also known as the heads-up display feature has been added to correct colors when the players are in a color-blinding mode. Data maps are another feature that have been added to the game, these maps show colored that have been filtered unless one is in a color blind mode.

Also, predicaments have been made to several features that had not been responding well in the game previously. The cities which were not being processed are now being looked into and will be fixed as soon as possible. The region filters, invitations, tourism are also being worked upon. The casinos will now be able to make invitations to more tourists which will help in keeping the city full at all times. The already available casinos will be replaced with new ones. Educational services like pick and drop services of students will be improved and educational wings will grant bonuses to students.

The other problems related to recycling, air pollution, water services, fire services are being fixed. The trade ports are also under fixation to make shipping easier and faster. Residential tuning, budgets and audio and region play are also being overhauled for better game play and a good playing experience for the users.

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