Microsoft in talks with AOL to Buy Winamp

Microsoft Want to Buy Winamp From AOL

Winamp (no longer supported) and Shoutcast might not be dead after all. Upcoming rumors gives the hint about Microsoft’s intention of purchasing Shoutcast and Winamp, just after AOL planned to announce the closure of Shoutcast next week. The company announced closure of Winamp on Dec 20 after Winamp’s drastic decline in popularity and utility.

winamp logoAOL did not give any further hint regarding the issue and Microsoft also refused to comment on the same as it is said to be keen to fortify its Xbox Music platform, which works on Xbox 360 and most Windows, iOS and Android devices after the setback of its RIP Zune. Shoutcast has a platform that acts as a portal to over 50,000 radio stations and was built by Nullsoft.

But the question is where would Winamp or Shoutcast fit into the picture? Why Microsoft is so interested in buying the declining Winamp?

After launching in 1997, Winamp relished a large community that contributed many custom-made visual skins. Many of these skins were downloaded millions of times.

Acquiring Winamp could only be a win for Microsoft, assuming they can pull the deal off. There’s a ton of listening data being generated by Winamp users that could be used to improve Xbox Music.

So for the time being the chances of Winamp living another day is still in picture.

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