Mechanix Wear MG-55-010

Mechanix Wear MG-55-010 Original Review

While not explicitly “tactical shooting gloves”, Mechanix Wear gloves were bought in bulk by those that were deployed to the initial run-up of Operation: Enduring Freedom and Operation: Iraqi Freedom – but especially by those that were going to be deployed in OIF in early 2003.

These gloves are absolutely beloved by mechanics the world over, are rugged, durable, and can take a real beating before they “give up the ghost”. These Mechanix Wear MG 55 010 original gloves are almost exactly the same as those purchased in 2001 and 2003, with subtle changes to the overall construction and upgrades as far as fit and finish are concerned.

If you are searching for a high quality pair of shooting gloves that won’t set you back too terribly much, and are pretty good when you need to do an oil change after you get back to The World, these are the kinds of gloves you’re going to want to have in your back pocket. Or check out our Mechanix Wear M Pact review here.

Positive Features

Mechanix Wear MG-55-010 reviewThe number one reason that these gloves became so popular in the first place is because they are just about as close to indestructible as you’re going to find in a pair of tactical shooting gloves anywhere near the $20 price point.

Taking advantage of Lycra panels for extra close and super tight fit and finish (picture perfect for a pair of shooting gloves where dexterity is a premium), they also feature dual layered fingertips to protect the “working” end of your hands – as well as reinforced palms that give you a little bit of extra grip where you need it most.

You’ll find that these gloves are super lightweight so that there isn’t any thought about fatigue playing a role in your shooting whatsoever, and because they are available in so many different sizes (11 different sizes at last count) you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your hand size without too terribly much extra effort.

Negative Features

Literally thousands and thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have used Mechanix Wear MG 55 010 original gloves in some of the most dangerous places on the planet for well over 10 years now – and continue to do so, which is a pretty fantastic testament to just how high quality these gloves really are.

However, even these gloves aren’t all sunshine and roses.

Because they are modeled after the original versions of the Mechanix Wear gloves that were all the rage in early 2001 through 2003 (and onward) they do not feature any of the more advanced capabilities of the “high speed, low drag” equipment that you’ll find on the market today.

They aren’t specifically designed to be incredibly breathable, aren’t specifically designed to be nearly indestructible when it comes to knife attacks or sharp objects, and may or may not need to have the tip of the trigger finger on your gloves snipped off so that you don’t lose any of the fine touch you need to deliver rounds accurately downrange.

What Makes the Mechanix Wear MG-55-010 Original Gloves So Special?

The thing that makes these particular gloves so special is the fact that they can be easily adapted to nearly any situation.

Though ideal for hotter climates (there isn’t a lot of thermal protection offered in these gloves), they will do a pretty good job in just about any climate or condition you can imagine.

How do They Stack Up Against the Competition?

When stacked up against its closest competitors (like the TAC A2 gloves) they are a pretty attractive alternative, and if you aren’t looking to spend any more than $20 or so for a set of shooting gloves these are going to end up right up your alley.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are moving forward with tactical shooting gloves that support your ability to safely maneuver your weapon, to accurately aim and fire in a number of different conditions, and to help you in just about any tactical situation you find yourself in.

The Mechanix Wear MG 55 010 might not be perfect, but they’re probably as close as you’re going to get under $100!

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