The Fastest Home Connection “Nuro” Has Been Launched By Sony in Tokyo

The world’s largest internet for home consumers has been launched in Japan by Sony which is said to be at par than the Google Fiber. Code-named “Nuro”, this amazing internet service has been launched in Tokyo on Monday earlier this week. It grants about six prefectures, which provide the internet speeds for uploads and downloads of 1Gbps and 2Gbps respectively. This is provided at a cost of $50 or 4.90 yen per month approximately. This is the first difference between Google Fiber and the newly launched internet provider “Nuro” where Google Fiber charges an extra amount of money for 1Gbps.

The mutual benefit here is that the net services need a two-year contract along with the installation fee of about $540 or 52500 Yen. In spite of this, the Internet service provider (ISP) reveals that it is presently granting a higher fee to the customers who are opting for online services.

Unluckily, for the normal customers, they will not be able to see the speed of more than 1Gbps because most of the computers these days will be able to accept so much data with the help of a wired connection to them and substantially less with the use of Wi-Fi (Wireless Connection). Due to a very huge population that lives is a highly summarized area with the houses and flats completely jam-packed, if there is any free space the fiber-based internet services back in Tokyo are comparatively simpler than any other places throughout the world.

The great advantage of having an internet connection with a higher speed is that it is able to handle various computers using the same connection. This has been rated as the world’s fastest home internet because it provides good services to houses and small scale businesses as well. It is faster than any average home connection available in today’s times.

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