Google Glass: A Review

A Google Glass Review for a Real User

Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Google has been speaking about Google glass ever since two years however ever since it was released, it has managed to please a lot of people. The technology is smart and innovative and if it actually turns out to be truly successful, it may be the next big thing in the world.

It is basically like an eye gear and comes loaded with a lot of features, the main being the following.

  1. Photography: no doubt Google glass scores good point in this department. You can take some of the most wonderful pictures merely using the Google glass. You can use the voice command to activate your Google glass and order it take a picture too.
  2.  Videos: it can capture 720p HD videos with clarity and precision. There is a recording light that gets on when the video is being filmed right above the eye however; Google glass makers have taken care to ensure that it remains unobservable to the user to avoid unease.
  3. Road directions: Google map has been seamlessly integrated into this device and so have been many other applications too. Once again, you can make use of voice command to see the road directions, the way you are heading and so on. Hence, when you are on the roads, your eye gear by Google will help you find the right roads to take to reach the place they want.

There have been both positive as well as negative reviews for Google glass. Some people believe that it can intrude on people’s privacy as users can find strangers with features like face recognition. However, Time magazine voted Google glass as “best invention of the year 2012”. So, despite a few drawbacks and concerns, Google glass is sure to be a hit among the masses.

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