Best Shooting Glasses

Best Shooting Glasses

Buying Guide: Best Shooting Glasses Models and Features

When it comes to being a grade A sniper, it’s nice to think that it is all about hitting your target. Indeed, that is important, but staying safe is paramount. We are operating weapons that are designed to kill, and not just small game and mice, but large animals such as deer, and even people.

Depending on the type of bullet we use, we can blow a limb clean off a target, or send it miles away through a dozen trees and half way into a rock.

That being said, one of the most important areas that you need to protect are your eyes.

What are the best shooting glasses that you can purchase, and what should you be looking for? Read ahead.

Picture Name Glare Protection Impact Protection Price Rating
Tact-Eyes Shooting Glasses Polycarbonate. Element Resistant Complies with ANSI Impact Standards $$$$$ 4.9
ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor 2X Deluxe Kit, Black 100% UVA/UVB protection Complies with ANSI Impact Standards $$$$ 5.0
5.11 Deflect Eyewear (Three Lens) (Black, 1 Size) 100% UVA and UVB Protection Exceeds ANSI Impact Standards $$$$ 4.7
3M Smart Lens Protective Eyewear, 13407-00000-5 Photochromatic Lens Photochromatic Lenses Exceeds ANSI Impact Standards $$$$ 5.0
Radians Remington T 70 Shooting and Safety Glasses (Polarized Lens) Polarized Lens Exceeds ANSI Impact Standards $ 5.0

Lens Materials

Perhaps the most important attribute to shooting glasses, are the materials used to make up the lens. It all comes down to what the lens are made out of, whether it is impact resistance, glare reduction, or enhanced visibility. That being said, the best material to use, is polycarbonate, the material that is used for bullet resistant glass.

Polycarbonate is resistant to scratches and other elements, extremely durable, and is very light weight, making it perfect for outdoorsmen. Some shooting or safety glasses have plastic lenses, which guarantees that they are American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z78.1) certified, which is the standard used to measure safety. Even some polycarbonate lenses do not meet this standard.

Resistance to Impact

Whether you want the best shooting glasses for skeet or trap shooting, or elk hunting, or if your in the military, you are going to be dealing with a lot of situations in which degree and material may come back and hit you in your eyes. A lens can shatter, sending the shattered material back and possibly blinding you.

I’ve seen it before, where somebody has had their glasses shatter and they had to have surgery to remove shards of plastic in their eyes, it isn’t a pretty sight.

Luckily, impact resistance is highly regulated, and you should have no issue finding glasses which meet these standards, as long as you look. These agencies are the ANSI, and the U.S. Military, so they are heavily scrutinized.

Lens Colors and Their Advantages

Most lens colors are no more than personal preference, giving increased visual acuity, yet it really depends on the shooter themselve’s. Some people get them to look cool, however there are some additional attributes that you should keep in mind, as they can have an impact on their usefulness. Gray or smoke tinted glasses are the most common types of lenses, due to their efficiency at protecting you from glare without changing the way you perceive what you are looking at.

They are great in all weather, since gray is a true neutral color. Lenses which are Amber-Brown are extremely good at cloaking light that comes from a typical sunny day, known as diffused light, so if you know your going into a sunny environment keep that in mind. These colored shades can also improve your depth perception along with the contrast of your sight, and are a great all around choice.

Orange tints give the sensation of improved contrast, as well as heightening your visual perception. If you get your shooting or safety glasses in these tints, it will increase that particular color on the target due to the blue light from the sky. Yellow tinted lenses provide the same effect, but in conditions with reduced light.

Clear lenses are the second most popular lenses. While they provide no additional acuity or enhancements, they also do not reduce visibility from a changing environment, and unlike shaded glasses, you won’t be restricted due to night time conditions. For hunters who perform the bulk of their hunting at dusk or dawn, these are your winning pick.

The Fit of Your Frames

When you are out on long hunts, the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable. You have to keep your shooting glasses on at all times if you want to make use of them, you don’t want to have to put them on before you take a shot for fear that the target will run away. Yet, you might have to endure the pain of unfitted shooting glasses for hours. When I go tree stand hunting, I’m typically up there for 6 to 8 hours, this would be grueling.

There are two types of frames, rigid, and adjustable. Rigid are fine as long as you believe that they fit great, but adjustable you can tinker with to your hearts content. The nose piece is also very important, some are made of plastic while others are made out of rubber, so it can be uncomfortable. Rubber nose pieces work best.

Lens coverage

Some people look at the fit and the safety rating, and let it be. However, they aren’t taking into consideration the third most important aspect of safety when it comes to glasses, the amount of coverage it provides. It is extremely important that whatever shooting glasses that you purchase are, they should cover your eyes properly. The best shooting glasses will wrap past the sides of your eyes, so that you will have full coverage no matter where you look.

What are the Best prescription Shooting glasses?

Here, you may have to do a bit of leg work in order to match up the type of glasses that you want, just due to the fact that you’ll need a prescription. Having said that I know that Decot and Randolph offer their glasses with a prescription, as well as esseyepro.

Remington T-71 Dual Mold Shooting Glasses Review

If you’ve been searching high and low for a high quality set of shooting lessons that won’t set you back more than a complete fast food dinner that your favorite drive-in restaurant, then you need look no further than the Remington T 71 dual mode shooting glasses.

Manufactured by the legendary American firearms company, these Remington shooting glasses are going to give you the kind of performance, fit, and durability that you’re looking for – the kind of performance, fit, and durability that you’ll only find in shooting glasses that cost three or four times as much as these ones do!


There is absolutely no reason to waste money on those cheapo shooting glasses you can pick up in big box department stores – the kind that will come apart at the moment that a bit of debris impacts them – when you can spend $10 or so on the Remington T 71 dual mode glasses!

Remington T-71

Positive Features

The first thing that you are going to immediately notice when you get your hands on these Remington glasses is just how incredibly lightweight they are, while at the same time feeling very “dense” and capable of serious protection.

This is thanks to a revolutionary new construction material that Remington has helped to pioneer, a very impact resistant polycarbonate lens that meets and exceeds all ANSI Z 87 +1 requirements. We are talking about glasses that are at least as capable as those that you would expect to spend $50 or more on, without ever threatening to break your bank account!

On top of that, the unique smoke lens feature that these Remington glasses put on full display is going to help you acquire your target much more effectively in bright light situations without compromising your tactical effectiveness when the sun begins to set.

Obviously, smoked lenses aren’t going to be the ideal option when you’re going into a lowlight or nighttime operation (or when you want to do a bit of shooting around dawn or dusk), but they are definitely the kind of lenses that you’ll want when the sun is shining in your face and you need to make this next round count.

Negative Features

Like any of the cheaper shooting glasses on the market today, these Remington glasses aren’t quite as capable as their more expensive (and more highly engineered) brethren – but then again, you’ll know that walking into this kind of purchase.

These glasses will not disappoint when it comes time to use them, if they are used properly. Obviously, you might want to go with a set of Oakley’s if you are about to step off on a deployment (or something else that you’ve been issued or approved for wear), but if you just want to make sure that you’re protected out at the range or in the backyard these are definitely up to the task at hand.

What Makes the Remington T-71 Dual Mold Shooting Glasses So Special?

The thing that makes these Remington T 71 glasses so special is that they pack so much capability into a ridiculously small price tag.

At just $10 or so (and never more than $20), these are almost disposable – even though you’ll be able to get years and years of use out of them if they are taking care of properly.

How Do They Stack Up Against the Competition?

At the low-end of the price scale, the Remington T 71 shooting glasses are head and shoulders above just about anything else out there. The only real competition (if you can call it that) comes from generic in box store brand glasses that are just about useless, but you wouldn’t trust them anyways.

Final Verdict

If you forgot your glasses at all and want to pick up a cheap pair for the range, the Remington T 71 dual mode glasses will definitely get the job done. If you’re expecting something a little bit more “high performance”, or something a lot more tactical, you may want to look elsewhere!

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses Review

Up until about 2001 (the beginning of OEF and immediately after 9/11), “eye pro” was something that you usually only saw in firearms magazines – or on the faces of older, wiser, and more experienced shooters that knew how foolish it was to leave your eyeballs and your eyesight unprotected while firing a weapon.

However, with OEF and OIF completely changing the game as far as the tactical shooting industry is concerned – and with very, very strict rules and regulations in regard to eye pro when deployed – more and more shooters are getting serious about their glasses than ever before.

Remington (the legendary firearms manufacturer) has jumped headfirst into the mix with their T 72 shooting glasses, some of the best (and least expensive) set of eye protection you’ll be able to purchase today.

But how do they stack up against the competition?

Remington T-72

Positive Features

Any time you are thinking about purchasing shooting glasses, fit and protection need to be your first two major considerations – and the Remington T 72 shooting glasses definitely meet just about anyone’s demands across both fronts.

Manufactured out of incredibly durable (and almost space-age) polycarbonate, the lenses are designed and engineered to meet and exceed ANSI Z 87 1+ requirements.

Basically, they are going to protect you from a whole world of hurt – though they aren’t anywhere close to bulletproof.

The fit is a very, very well engineered, and thanks to the full wraparound lenses your eyes are going to be protected from all corners. You’ll obviously need to make sure that they match up to your face (they come in a “one-size-fits-all” sizing, but most people are going to find that they are perfectly acceptable) before you can rely on them in a sticky situation – but the odds are pretty fantastic that you’ll be all right.

On top of that, they look pretty fantastic, and not at all like the “old school” shooting glasses with those ballistic yellow lenses that your grandfather probably wore – even when there wasn’t a firearm within 5 yards!

Negative Features

Honestly, there’s not all that much to disagree with when it comes to these Remington shooting glasses.

The one-size-fits-all form factor is a bit of a headache and hassle for those that find it doesn’t match up perfectly with their face shape, and it would have been nice for the folks at Remington to roll out at least a couple of different sizes to really cover all of their basis – but 99.9% of people are going to be just fine.

What Makes the Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses So Special?

The lightweight construction materials that do not compromise performance or protection are definitely the stars of the show here.

Combine that with the fact that these lenses feature clear anti-fog technology, 99.9% UV ray protection, and are coated with a ridiculously hard (and incredibly durable) lens covering and you’re looking at a very, very attractive option.

How Do they Stack Up Against the Competition?

At $10, they don’t really have any competition aside from those cheap and chintzy shooting glasses you can pick up at Walmart or Home Depot.

There’s really no competition at all.

These are the best of the best when you’re talking about sub $100 shooting glasses.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, a marksman is only going to be as good as their eyesight and abilities allow them to be.

The last thing that you can afford to have happen is an accident that impairs your vision in any way, shape, or form – especially if you find yourself in a sandy part of the world that isn’t all that friendly.

These Remington T 72 shooting glasses are trusted over there, so you can definitely trust them over here!

Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses Review

Shooters that want to take advantage of high quality lenses that will never (NEVER) get in the way of them being able to see their target downrange with picture-perfect clarity are going to want to have a good, long, hard look at the Radians Clay Pro shooting glasses.

Engineered (unsurprisingly, based off of their name) specifically for those that shoot clay pigeons or trap shoot, these shooting glasses are very lightweight, incredibly durable, and more than capable of taking a licking and still going right on ticking – the kind of glasses that you can count to perform just as well 10 years in the future as they will today (provided that they have been well maintained along the way).

If you are a serious shooter, and especially a serious clay pigeon or trap shoot, there might not be a better set of shooting glasses on the market for your specific needs.

Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses

Positive Features

The biggest benefit that you are going to immediately take advantage of when you throw these shooting glasses on is the wraparound protection that they provide thanks to the perfectly engineered polycarbonate lenses that meet all ANSI Z 87+1 standards.

Not only are these wraparound lenses going to protect you from dirt, dust, debris, and most other flying objects (aside from a point-blank accident), but they are also going to block out 99.9% of UV rays that could work to wear down your vision over time.

The lenses that these Radians come with our also 100% clear, instead of treated with some kind of coloring or coating that may or may not be picture-perfect for the specific time of day or conditions that you are hoping to shoot in.

This guarantees that these shooting glasses are just as versatile as anything else you’ll find on the market, though they may not be as “performance-based” as some of the other more purpose built solutions you can special order.

Finally, the actual frame construction of these classes is so ridiculously thin that it is almost nonexistent. The overwhelming majority of these classes are the wraparound lenses (aside from the dual metal components that wrap around the side of your head and behind your ears for stability), really helping these shooting glasses to “disappear” when you’re using them.

Those that hate to where shooting glasses because they always seem to get in the way are going to fall in love with these invisible options!

Negative Features

Looking very, very closely at these lenses, we had a real hard time trying to dig up anything that we weren’t absolutely crazy about.

The few things that we did find that we weren’t wild about aren’t a very big deal in any way, shape, or form – and honestly seem like we’re nitpicking.

For example, we weren’t all that crazy about the overall look or design of the wraparound lenses that these Radians feature, but that’s only because we enjoy the aesthetics of “old school” aviator style glasses.

It’s kind of difficult to down talk a set of high-quality shooting glasses just because you aren’t wild about the aesthetics of their design!

What makes the Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses So Special?

The overall “one piece” design and engineering behind these glasses make them very, very special – especially at this price point. With less moving parts and a more “unified front” these just aren’t going to break down or fail quite as often as some of the other more complex shooting glasses would.

How Do They Stack Up Against the Competition?

Ranking around the “mid-tier” of shooting glasses, the Radians Clay Pro shooting glasses just might be the very best of the bunch. You’ll have to order a special colorized coating if you hope to use them in specific applications where the clear lenses just aren’t ideal, but aside from that these are a dream to wear and use.

Final Verdict

At this price, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to have a set of Radians Clay Pro shooting glasses in your go bag every single time you hit the range.

They are just that good.

Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses Review

Up until about 10 or 15 years ago, you had really only two options when it came time to buy a set of shooting glasses.

You could go with the traditional yellow lensed aviators, or you could get a hold of some very tactical looking goggles complete with the “Bad Boy Pistons” wraparound strap to keep them secure to your noggin.

Then, as technology and construction materials advanced, most companies started to offer shooting glasses that looked a lot more like a set of athletic sunglasses, which is where the majority of the options out there today are as far as ascetics are concerned.

However, if you want a set of tactical glasses that really look like tactical glasses, you’ll want to pay close attention to these Pyramex V2G shooting glasses!

Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses

Positive Features

For years now Pyramex has been responsible for some of the best inexpensive shooting glasses money can buy, blending unique and advanced construction materials (like the polycarbonate lenses featured in these glasses) with mass scale production that allowed them to offer killer products at rock-bottom prices.

And while it’s taken Pyramex a bit of time to go toe to toe with other more established manufacturers of inexpensive shooting glasses (like Remington, for example), these Pyramex V2G definitely serve to level the playing field a bit more than most would have expected.

For one thing, this is a very tactical setup.

You have lenses that have been treated (on the inside and the outside) to prevent fogging from ever happening. Not only that, but those same lenses have been treated with multiple layers of an invisible rockhard coding to prevent dense, dings, and scratches even in some of the most grueling of circumstances.

Combine all of that with the option to purchase lenses that are amber, clear, smoke, or covered with a 3.0/5.0 IR filter, and you’re looking at an almost no-brainer kind of decision – especially at the sub $15 price point!

But then we have to mention the inclusion of the wraparound strap that keeps these tactical glasses on your head no matter what. Jump all around, go underwater, climb a tree, throw yourself from a perfectly good aircraft (with a parachute and some training, hopefully), and these tactical glasses will remain exactly where they were.

Oh, and they happened to be flame resistant!

Negative Features

Truthfully, the only real negative (and it’s probably just a little bit of a nitpick at the end of the day) that we could discover when reviewing these Pyramex V2G glasses was that the strap can be almost too tight – especially over longer blocks of time.

Now, that same strap is 100% adjustable and you’re going to want to play around with it a little bit until you get it exactly where you wanted to be, but even still it’s going to take a little bit of fiddling to get just right.

Other than that, these glasses are pretty good!

What makes the Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses So Special?

It’s nice to see a set of tactical glasses (goggles, really) that take the tactical designation very, very seriously.

Though they are perfect for amateurs, championship shooters, and hobbyists that just want to do a bit of shooting in the backyard without risking their eyes in the process, they would feel just at home with elite military units, police forces, and other serious shooters as well.

How Do These Stack Up Against the Competition?

You aren’t going to find too terribly many other goggles options for shooting glasses at this price point that can go toe to toe with the Pyramex V2G setup. Obviously, big brands like Bolle offer very, very advanced goggles that would probably crush these Pyramex options in a competition – but you’ll also spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on those.

Final Verdict

If you want a setup of high quality tactical goggles that aren’t ever going to move around no matter what you’re doing, will protect you from just about anything and everything you can imagine, and are capable of accepting multiple lenses for specific purposes, the Pyramex V2G give you the best of all worlds without ever breaking your bank account!

Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses Review

Professional shooters, soldiers, Marines, and expert marksmen the world over understand that once your eyesight begins to go all of the training, all of the high-speed optics, and all of the most perfectly machined weapons in the world aren’t going to help you hit your target consistently.

And while Father Time waits for none of us (and will, inevitably, rob us of at least some of our razor sharp eyesight), you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to put your eyesight in harm’s way any earlier than absolutely necessary.

Thankfully, when you are wearing the Pyramex Fortress safety glasses, you aren’t going to have to worry about that too terribly much.

Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses

Positive Features

While not exactly engineered specifically for shooters (and instead designed mostly for the construction trade and those that need to meet OSHA standards), these Pyramex glasses are definitely going to help you spend your time at the range a little bit more safely than you would have otherwise – especially when stacked up against the competition for bare-bones and very cheap shooting glasses.

Manufactured out of a quality polycarbonate lens (though it doesn’t meet all ANSI Z 87+1 standards), you can expect these glasses to provide you with the bare minimum of coverage you’ll need when you are firing your weapon.

Comfortable and well designed, they are going to fit on your face similar to a pair of sports sunglasses, like the ones you would wear when you are patrolling the outfield while playing baseball. They come in a “one-size-fits-all” kind of form factor, which isn’t ideal (and we’ll talk about that in a moment), before the most part they are lightweight and comfortable enough so that you almost forget they are there – unless the lenses start to find out.

Product Negatives

Honestly, these glasses are probably the “bare-bones” of what you would expect to get out of a set of shooting glasses.

Though they have prevented lenses to prevent fogging, sometimes (especially in humid conditions) there isn’t going to be anything you can do to prevent them from obscuring your aim.

On top of that, they aren’t engineered to meet or exceed all ANSI Z 87+1 standards, which can be a dealbreaker for some of the more serious shooters out there.

Sure, they will stop a considerable amount of debris (just about any small particles that could ruin your vision while shooting), but they probably aren’t going to stop larger chunks, ricochets, or shrapnel anywhere near as effective as a legitimate set of shooting glasses would be.

Finally, we get to the “one-size-fits-all” mantra Pyramex has built almost all of their glasses with. Though it’s going to be all right for those that have an average to above average sized head and face, those with smaller faces or smaller heads are going to have a bit of a hard time getting used to the way that these glasses sit.

What Makes the Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses So Special?

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the high quality lenses and the almost crystal-clear vision that these Pyramex glasses provide (when they aren’t fogged up), they wouldn’t even be worth mentioning as a set of shooting glasses.

However, you’ll feel like you are looking at things in high definition when peering through a set of well-maintained Pyramex Fortress safety glasses!

How Do These Stack Up Against thee Competition?

Their real competition comes from Remington (with the T 71 and T 72 shooting glasses), and truthfully, when they are stacked up against one another, the Remington glasses always come out on top.

Final Verdict

For what they are, these glasses are very capable, though probably better suited to those in the construction industry than professional or amateur shooters that want to make sure they are perfectly protected while using their firearms.

Bolle SS Tactical Shooting Glasses Review

When it comes down to shooting glasses, most people feel that there are two different levels:

– Bolle tactical shooting glasses

– And everything else!

Honestly, when you look at the kind of reputation that Bolle has been able to build up for their tactical shooting glasses (not only the ones available for consumers and amateur shooters, but also those that are standard issue in some of the most elite military units around the world) it’s hard to argue with that kind of breakdown.

But what about the Bolle SS tactical shooting glasses, a set of shooting glasses that have been specifically designed to incorporate a lot of the “high-speed, low drag” components that Bolle has become known for all over the world without breaking the bank for consumers that need to purchase these glasses for themselves without a “discretionary budget” signed off on by Congress?

Will be Bolle SS tactical shooting glasses become your next “go to” option for eye pro?

Positives About the Product

From the minute that you get your hands on a set of these Bolle tactical glasses you are going to be hooked.

Not only do they look absolutely fantastic (you’ll find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering whether or not you really ARE a Delta operator or just playing one on TV), but they also are built – no, ENGINEERED – to provide you with an elite level of protection and performance that you just aren’t going to find anywhere else.

But what else would you have expected from Bolle?

For one thing, the high density impact ANSI Z 87+1 rated lenses are going to protect your eyes from just about anything and everything that comes their way outside of a direct shot. Sure, they aren’t bulletproof by any stretch of the imagination – but just holding them in your hands or having them on your face, you would be forgiven if you thought they were!

Secondly, they are manufactured with a number of different lenses designed for multiple different applications. You have the clear lenses (the general-purpose style lenses), dual contrast lenses, made smoke lenses, and yellow lenses – just like your grandpa’s shooting glasses – to make sure that you get the exact kind of finish and performance that you are looking for.

Product Negatives

At the end of the day, you’re always looking for a set of tactical glasses that are going to protect you while at the same time staying out of your way when you need to send a handful of rounds down range.

Well, if there was such a thing as the picture-perfect scent of tactical glasses (and there isn’t, at least not in a universal sense), these would be the closest thing to it.

While they won’t be the ideal fit for absolutely everyone (especially if you don’t have $50 or so to throw at them), it’s hard to argue with the track record for success that Bolle brings to the table.

What makes the Bolle SS Tactical So Special?

Honestly, it’s the overall design is that these Bolle tactical shooting glasses put on full display that sets them apart from just about everything else. They just look like tactical glasses should, and perform even better than you would have expected!

How Do the Bolle SS Tactical Stack Up Against the Competition?

When we are talking about the world of $50 and up shooting glasses, things start to get kind of personal. Most people would reach for a set of Bolle SS tactical shooting glasses before most of the other competitors out there, but truthfully, it’s a bit of a personal choice that only you will be able to make.

Final Verdict

Most people love Bolle glasses, and for a good reason.

They are highly regarded by some of the best military units on the planet, are engineered to meet almost impossibly high standards of quality, and are designed to be functional and attractive at the exact same time.

You are really going to like these Bolle SS tactical shooting glasses.

Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses Review

The Allen Company over-prescription shooting glasses aren’t your grandpa’s old school shooting glasses, though you would certainly be forgiven if that was your first thought!

Definitely putting the throwback retro shooting glasses design on full display, these aren’t exactly the most attractive shooting glasses on the planet (though there are definitely some out there that absolutely LOVE the way that these shooting glasses look for sure), but they definitely get the job done when it comes time to protect you at the range.

Oversized (on purpose), these glasses just look like they are going to take a bullet for you. And while they aren’t (any way, shape, or form) bulletproof, they are going to stand up to a world of abuse, damage, and full on attacks to protect your eyes and your eyesight moving forward.

You’re just going to have to get over that 1980s professional wrestler look that they are trying to give you!

Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses

Positives About the Product

Like a well-built SUV, these Allen Company over-prescription shooting glasses are going to give you a real sense of protection just based off of the sheer size of them!

Now, obviously, that these shooting glasses are ACTUALLY going to protect you that the exact same time, but it’s nice to have a set of glasses in your hand that just look like they are going to stop just about everything rather than those flimsy jobs you can pick up for next to nothing that look like they wouldn’t stop a breeze from blowing.

Certainly overbuilt (while at the same time taking advantage of a 1 mm polycarbonate lens that wraps around your face), these glasses are also going to work with your prescription glasses – hence the name.

This means that an entire generation of shooters that may have thought they lost a step or two when staring down a set of iron sights with the naked eye are going to be able to get back into the swing of things while wearing their prescription glasses, and it’s all thanks to these shooting lenses!

Combine all of this with the fact that they feature those all too familiar yellow ballistic lenses that are going to help to increase contrast when you are acquiring a target, and you’re looking at a set of very, very high performance glasses.

Product Negatives

There’s no getting around it:

These glasses are terribly ugly.

Now, you’re probably not looking to purchase a set of glasses based off of whether or not you can wear them with a blazer the next time that you had out for dinner at a fancy French place – but you might not be wild about looking as though you left your trucker hat and 60% of your smile at all.

Honestly though, if you’re able to get past the obvious aesthetic shortcomings that these glasses bring to the table, you’re looking at a set of very capable lenses that will protect you from just about anything and everything you can imagine.

What Makes the Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses so Special?

We mentioned above that these glasses are overbuilt, and then may have been a bit of an understatement.

The 1 mm polycarbonate lenses meet and exceed all ANSI Z 87+1 standards, making them some of the most accomplished lenses you’ll find on the market today. You can definitely trust them to get the job done.

How Do the Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses Stack Up Against the Competition?

Going toe to toe with most of the other inexpensive shooting glasses out there, as far as performance is concerned that these Allen Company glasses are at least as good as just about anything else under $20.

But as far as aesthetics are concerned…Well, just look at them!

Final Verdict

If you can get past the fact that they look as though somebody left them behind (maybe on purpose) at the old folks Turkey Shoot, you are really going to appreciate the level of extreme protection that these Allen Company over-prescription shooting glasses bring to the table.

On top of that, they are really, really cheap – so if you want to leave them behind at that Turkey Shoot, go right ahead. It won’t set you back anything to replace them!

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