In the world of Android and iOS, life has become busier than the old days of home PC. Yes, the Web has become a very happening place and is now serving with almost all the necessities of life, but are you able to cope up with it? If no, here’s something useful. Below are top 5 productivity apps.


pocket app

With this pocket app you don’t need to waste time any more watching videos, reading articles or surfing the Web. The app, available for iOS as well as Android platforms, allows saving sites directly from the browser so that later you return to it easily. It is free and similar to Evernote it allows syncing across all platforms.



Available on iOS for $1.99 and on desktop for $4.99, the Coffitivity app is a virtual coffee shop to give new study suggestions to help moderate levels of ambient noise and boost creativity and productivity. It brings vibrant sounds too like that of a coffee shop. Also, vibes like morning murmur, lunchtime lounge etc. are included in it.


Dunno app

Dunno comes free on iOS. It is a cloud-based app and helps in doing research for you. If you have forgotten the latest movie, or the app that you just heard of, Dunno will make a search for all these while you wait. Well, it is similar to the Google search, but it will also save the search queue so that you can later get back those.

Pomodoro Timer Lite

Pomodoro Timer Lite

In this fast world there is little time and many things to do. To help things done on time here’s an app. Dubbed as Pomodoro Android app, it is a kind of productivity timer to help you give few minutes of break after certain duration like after every 25 minutes. The word “Pomodoros” mean tomato in Italian and the app is based on the tomato-shaped timer that is often used there.


We all know the password security is very important amid growing number of hackers. The iPassword app for the iOS and Android helps in saving extra time in resetting or creating new passwords. LATimes writes, “The app is especially helpful for creating and storing strong, unique passwords that are harder to crack. 1Password even has a built in browser allowing you to surf and login to your accounts without having to leave the app.”