"60 newly discovered Species "

Surinam Forest Located in South America yields a bounty of 60 newly discovered Species

An expedition led by Conservation International which included 16 biologists went on a three week expedition to a previously unexplored region in Surinam close to its border with Brazil. The researchers were treated to a wealth of information which included some species which has never been classified or known till now. The team was able to catalog 1,378 plants, ants, fish, insects, birds, mammals and amphibians.

The expedition targeted an area which contains more than a quarter of the world’s rainforest. The remoteness of the location meant that a substantial portion of the journey was to be made by foot and the group was assisted by the local communities.

The research group found six species of frogs which was never observed before along with 11 types of fishes. They together with other animals accounted for the 60 odd species which are being seen for the first time.

"60 newly discovered Species "

60 newly discovered Species

One of the new types of frog which was seen was dubbed the Chocolate Frog because of its intense brown color resembling Chocolate. Another toxin secreting frog, the poison dart frog was detailed by the locals as being employed to poison darts used for hunting. The world populations of frogs are falling at an alarming rate and already 30 species have become extinct in the last 3 decades according to WWF.

The discovery of the new species is welcome news according to Trond Larsen, who is with the nonprofit research and advocacy organization Conservation International. Among the unique species which have been cataloged for the first time included a new type of tetra fish, a strangely pigmented catfish, and nine other types of new-looking fish and so also a grasshopper resembling  insect, called ‘Pseudophyllinae teleutin’. It was found to feature sharp spines along its legs to deter predators.

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