"Pebble Smartwatch"

Pebble Smartwatch

The concept of smart watch has been around for some time and it has also found wide acceptance. Both apple and Samsung and even Google have been toying with the idea of Smart watch. Pebble has just unveiled its smart watch and has already received preorders worth 85000 units.

The Smartwatch from Pebble will have to be synchronized and paired with the iPhone or an Android phone to become operational. The smartwatch will be available at best buy stores from July 7th.

The smartwatch from Pebble was first shipped from Kickstarter from January and cost $99, will be available for $149.99 and will be now available at Best Buy stores and bestbuy.com. The watch has an e-paper which becomes visible in sunlight and connects with a phone to display text messages, emails, and incoming calls at a glance.

Pebble has already shipped more than 100000 smart watches. The demand is a testimony of the fact that Apple, Google and Samsung arte all rushing to release their own versions of smart watches. The rumors that Apple is seeking to release an iWatch has been in the air for quite some time now.The rumors found further credence when Apple applied for a trademark on the name iWatch. Sony has already made a smart watch and has released the latest version last week.

Not all experts are very optimistic about the concept of smart watch and feel that there are quite some obstacles which need to be cleared. The Smart Watch can be adapted if it fulfills certain important criteria. One such route is to use the smart watch as a sports or health watch. Such a concept can get mass appeal and also increase the utility of the smart watch rather than just an expensive and decorative ornament.