Researchers Solves Mystery Behind Evolution Of Complex Societies Using Math Model

Researchers Solves Mystery Behind Evolution Of Complex Societies Using Math Model

The mystery behind evolution of complex societies of humans from small groups has been solved using mathematical model, says researchers.

A trans-disciplinary research team at the University of Exeter in England, University of Connecticut and the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) conducted the research and emphasized that warfare plays important role in the evolutionary of sophisticated societies.

NIMBioS says, “Simulated within a realistic landscape of the Afro-Eurasian landmass during 1,500 BCE to 1,500 CE, the mathematical model was tested against the historical record… During the time period, horse-related military innovations, such as chariots and cavalry, dominated warfare within Afro-Eurasia.”

Researchers Solves Mystery Behind Evolution Of Complex Societies Using Math Model

Researchers also found that the geography too played important role in the evolution process of complex societies. The study explains that the nomads who resided in the Eurasian Steppe did influence the society that depended on agriculture for their livelihood.

NIMBioS added that the findings of the team focused on the interaction of geography, ecology and the spread of military innovations too.

Co-author of the study Sergey Gavrilets said, “What’s so exciting about this area of research is that instead of just telling stories or describing what occurred, we can now explain general historical patterns with quantitative accuracy. Explaining historical events helps us better understand the present, and ultimately may help us predict the future.”

Gavrilets is director for scientific activities of NIMBiosS.

The researchers said their study concentrated on interactions between developments in warfare and also the increasing innovations.

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    It is well known that many animal species defend territory. This does not explain in any way advanced human civilization. Scientists can date our species, Homo Sapien Sapien, back between 150,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa, and not migrating out of Africa until much later, around 50,000 years ago. By any stretch, this is an extremely short period of time to suddenly LEAP from hunter gatherers to advanced, organized civilizations recently discovered (Gobekli TepeinTurkey)


      The existence of Gobekli Tepe means that the building techniques and the ability to organize large groups of people together to accomplish monumental tasks MUST date back even further. The people who built Gobekli Tepe didn’t just wake up one day and already KNOW how to cut, move, and carve massive monumental stones weighing many tons. These skills had to be developed and refined over many years.

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    This was covered earlier in the day by redOrbit and the author simply rewrote the article. You’ll note he also stole the featured image, which was a copyrighted photo. I sure hope that he licensed it.