Pope Francis Favor the U.S. Catholics – For Now

He started as Pope Francis just a month ago however the keep-it-simple tag coming from Argentina is a surprise to U.S.  Catholics — to this point.


But, the fate may play with Francis just as the media turns its attention from his no-upheaval approach to his substantive methods, declared a Vatican specialist last week.

The previous archbishop of Buenos Aires has over 80% positive rate, that includes almost 40% who hold an extremely constructive consideration of him, based from a survey reported last week by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

This said result is actually drastically positive as compared to U.S. Catholics’ outlook of Pope Benedict XVI previously on his papacy however the rates are not openly similar.

Francis’ approving rate was provided in the said survey of 1001 Americans with over 193 Catholics that was held on March 28-31. That’s just a couple of weeks into his papacy though the media is still fussing regarding about his humble lifestyle, as compares to Vatican spectacle and dedicates the matter of most discussions of helping the unfortunate.

Outlooks on Benedict, who have handled the papacy in April 2005 with a status as a withdrawn religious person and firm devotee of principle, were observed within a couple of months right after he took over the papacy.

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