"NYPD still seeking answers 22 years after ‘Baby Hope’ found dead"

NYPD still seeking answers 22 years after ‘Baby Hope’ found dead

20 years is pretty long time and 20 years of painstaking police investigation and still there is no sign of an end. It was exactly 20 years back when a casual highway worker smelt something rotting in a picnic cooler and on opening to his horror he found remains of a little girl.

For twenty years New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives have worked on the case and still the little girl remains anonymous. The baby christened Baby Hope remains one of the 650 unknown victims aged in between 1 to 21 years across the length and breadth of US.

The 22nd anniversary of the discovery saw NYPD detectives canvassing the Manhattan neighborhood where the picnic cooler was tossed. Signposts have been plastered with notices and the age transformed face of the kid along with a reward of $12000 for clues leading to establishing Baby Hope’s identity and her killers. .

Det. Robert Dewhurst of the Cold Case Apprehension Squad feels that someone ought to know this little girl and hopes the picture will elicit some response from her family, friends, somebody…

Baby Hope along with 650 other unidentified children occupies the database at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children but there could be thousands of unidentified kids across the nation.

Baby Hope’s body was found malnourished, naked and there were signs of sexual abuse according to detectives.  Retired NYPD Det. Jerry Giorgio who had worked on the case feels that the girl was abused by people who were supposed to care for her before suffocating her and dumping her body. Giorgio, now 79, grew very affectionate with the victim and his name and contact information is still on a website dedicated to the girl.