WASHINGTON – A series of monstrous thunder storms could hit one out of 5 US states Wednesday as they strike from Iowa all the way down to Maryland bringing lightning, hail and powerful winds that can uproot houses and trees.

The weather bureau has issued a warning that the ongoing line of thunder storms could even trigger a rare weather event meteorologists call “derecho”, which is a gigantic storm of straight line winds covering at least 241 miles.

According to Bill Benting, chief of operations at Oklahoma’s National Weather Service, the storm that made landfall on Wednesday could also trigger tornadoes and topple power lines that will pave the way for an atrocious heat wave.

Benting added that the risk of harsh climatic conditions in Indianapolis, Chicago, Ohio, and Cincinatti is around 44 times bigger compared to a normal day in June.

Baltimore, Detroit, Washington, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Kentucky all have a level of risk that is 14 times higher compared to normal days.

The areas that the NWS considers to be under elevated risk of treacherous climatic conditions include 63 million Americans scattered in 10 regions and states.