Male fertility: Eat fish, prefer weight-lifting to improve sperm count

Exercise is helpful in curing many health problems besides treatment to many diseases. A new study reveals that exercise can do wonders in curing and even preventing infertility in men.

A new study has suggested an hour of daily exercise could lead to higher sperm counts and reduce infertility. The study further highlights the benefits of weight-lifting in particular in curing the disease. The study has also highlighted sperm issues on the dietary front, saying men who eat fish improve their sperm quality.

The study was conducted by Harvard School of Public Health researchers and the findings were announced at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting in Boston. The exercise study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The researchers carried lifestyle surveys and studied sperm samples collected from about 150 men evaluated for infertility at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center over the past six years.



Men who exercised for at least six hours a week, for example, had sperm concentrations that were 48 percent higher than those of men who barely exercised at all. While the researchers still need to determine whether this would lead to higher pregnancy rates in the partners of the men who exercised most.

Outdoor activities such as yard work, gardening, and shoveling snow were all linked to more sperm. Weight lifting, in particular, was associated with higher sperm counts, which he said might have something to do with a boost in testosterone levels that results from adding more muscle mass.

Jogging and biking appeared to have no impact on fertility. Elite bikers have been shown in previous studies to have lower sperm counts, which are likely caused by sperm getting overheated for long periods of time because of tight biker shorts and the straddled position of the biker on the seat.



Scientists prescribe fish instead of bacon for improving sperm count.

Researchers took samples from 156 men and had them answer a questionnaire about their eating habits.

Those who ate more processed meat appeared to have a lower percentage of well-shaped sperm. It is important to note the study did not look at individual kinds of processed meat.

Researchers found men who ate more white meat fish, such as cod and halibut, had normal-shaped sperm.

Those who ate more dark meat fish – such as salmon, bluefish and tuna – had a higher total sperm count.

Follow these quick tips to improve sperm count:

  • Take a regular vitamin and fertility supplement including folic acid
  • Stop smoking because smoking significantly decreases both sperm count and sperm-cell motility
  • Prevent overheating of the scotum as an increase of scrotal temperature (caused by tight underwear, long stays in a sauna or Jacuzzi, for example) can impair sperm production
  • Prevent excessive stress and perform relaxation exercises
  • Stress is sometimes responsible for certain infertility problems such as hormonal problems
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stop using drugs and steroids
  • Do not overly exercise
  • Stay away from Environmental hazards and toxins
  • Eat well, get hydrated and sleep well
  • Malnutrition and anemia can negatively affect your sperm count
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