Iran is planning to launch another Monkey to space. It does not matter if it is cruel to the simian but it is a big deal to expect any remorse from the rogue nation which has regularly sent men and women to the gallows for crime which can make any sane nation grimace.  It is not the first country to do and even the most righteous and the not so righteous nations like the US and erstwhile Soviet Union has sent canines and simians to space.

Iran is going ahead with its space ambitions and plans to send the first human to space by 2018. Though the claims seem pure bombast to some while to others it looks like a puny sized David vying for attention from the Goliath’s of the world.

"Iran to Launch Another ape Into Space Soon: Reports"

Iran to Launch Another ape Into Space Soon: Reports

Earlier also Iran had tried something similar in the past and after initial failure , it said that it had sent a monkey to the space and safely recovered it after a suborbital flight. Experts are skeptical and say that the monkey sent to the space and the one which was displayed as the recovered monkey were not identical.

What could be the motto of such a move? Well Iran could be perfecting an IRBM since space vehicles can be changed into a Missile with some minor changes. The most glaring example is India which started its SLV program and later used the experience to make Agni I, it long range missile. With each stage of launching of heavier payload space vehicles India has increased the range of its ballistic missile until it has launched the most recent Agni 5 with a range in excess of 5000 KM. Iran is also attempting something similar.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in late January, after Iran’s latest suborbital monkey launch “Any space-launch vehicle capable of placing an object in orbit is directly relevant to the development of long-range ballistic missiles, as well as SLV [space-launch vehicle] technologies, and they’re all virtually identical and interchangeable.”