Download and Upgrade: Microsoft ready with latest Windows 8.1

The tech savvy class who are eagerly waiting for the latest version of Windows operating system will be over any time now as Microsoft Corporation is all set to roll out its latest update Windows 8.1 today.

If you have the first Windows 8 OS, the upgrade is free. Windows 7 users may get the base platform for $119.99 with the option to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro by adding $199.99.

Microsoft is offering a stripped-down version among a slew of improvements aimed at winning over tablet users and placating PC customers alienated from Windows 8.


Windows 8.1 update will have a button in the bottom left corner of the screen that acts like the “start” button in previous versions of Windows. Although it will not be labeled ‘start’, it features the Windows logo and takes the user straight to a grid of applications. Users can also customize the start screen with changing sizes of app icon ‘tiles ‘or controlling which apps appear. For the first time, Windows 8.1 will have an exciting interface where users can open two windows simultaneously in the new-look interface.

Alike a souped-up version of Apple Inc’s Spotlight feature, It would have an improved ‘search’ function, which will allow users to search for documents, apps, items on the Internet from a single search bar.


Microsoft’s latest browser, Internet Explorer 11 will be an additional advantage for the users. You can restore the address bar and tabs to the screen view. That feature was missing in the initial version of Windows 8, which was designed to make the most of limited screen space on a tablet but tended to disorient traditional mouse and keyboard users.

Users will also no longer have to switch to the old desktop view to make changes in their default settings. However, they will still have to switch back to a traditional desktop set-up to use some programs such as Word or Excel, which have not been redesigned to function in the new Windows 8 style.

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