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AT&T Claims Exclusive 64GB HTC One

The HTC One is HTC’s newest flagship smartphone and it comes with a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 5. However, AT&T’s HTC One might be the only HTC One model that would have the 64GB storage option.

Prior to its quick announcement for the phone, AT&T’s HTC One will evidently be the only variant with such larger storage leaving down those on Sprint and T-Mobile with only the 32GB HTC One largest storage option.

htc 64gb

Last February, among AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the only carrier to announced any kind of information in regards the phone’s storage was AT&T. As you may know, all mentioned carriers have announced the phone’s launch at the said month. AT&T indicated that their HTC One would carry both 32GB and the 64GB models. While AT&T’s announcement being pronounced, Sprint and T-Mobile had remained clammed to their sleeves. Today, we have unveiled the reason behind Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s action.

We have stumbled up on the new promotional video for HTC One by AT&T. It seems that AT&T will have an exclusive claim on the 64GB variant of the phone. Despite of the unclear information whether this exclusivity is permanent or temporary, it is very likely to assume that the Sprint and T-Mobile HTC One models will only be available in 32GB storage at launch at least.

For users who are very particular of more storage space, AT&T might be the best option for you as HTC One is off without a microSD card option for expandable storage. This would left those who are in Sprint and T-Mobile carriers to enjoy only the on board storage and the cloud.

While this announcement is taking lime for AT&T, there is still a possibility for changes. We still haven’t heard of any confirmation from Sprint or T-Mobile regarding their storage options, but at this point, prospect buyers for Sprint and T-Mobile are sure come low.

However, Verizon’s upcoming launch for HTC One is not yet clear. AT&T’s move might or might not affect Verizon’s HTC One model, thus everything is unclear for Verizon.

This teaser video came shortly before the start of April. While U.S. are expected to release the delayed phone on the said month, none of them have disclosed specific dates yet, but not according to what we have gathered  suggesting a late April target.

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