Apple Eventually Discloses How Long Siri Hold The Data


Mobile phone is used for talking to people in an easy way than the traditional telephone. Mobiles are used to send messages in the form of SMS (Short Message Service). Apple company mobiles work with a server where the data will be stored. There was an unanswered question that how long the Data on Apple’s Siri last. Apple ultimately uncovers that the data lasts for two years. The data transmitted on Apple’s Siri is recorded for internal testing and quality assistance. The voice calls also recorded sometimes to enhance the quality of Siri.

Voice data from Siri lasts for six months on Apple server. But keeping the textual data and voice data on the servers violates the Freedom of Information Act which is shortly called as FOIA. Till today, we do not know the length of the time that Siri holds the data. It is revealed today itself and this news is little scary because holding the data for lengthy time makes people conscious of talking and sending an SMS. Most of the celebrities use Apple phones. It is not that good to store data that long. Nicole Ozer the American Lawyer brought this question into our minds and is answered today. Thanks to Nicole to let us know this information. Whatever you talk with Siri will be recorded and can be revealed whenever need arises.

A Personal Digital assistant is activated soon after you start talking on Siri. This is not included in Apple’s policy of privacy. This should have been disclosed earlier since business persons may be at loss since they talk much on phone about the official dealings. Voice recordings are segregated after six months and sometimes till 18 months also the data will retain to improve the quality of Apple’s Siri.

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