KANSAS — Legislators in Kansas on Friday night approved the final passage to a wide-ranging anti-abortion law.

The passage to the new measure sends Governor Sam Brownback a measure declaring that life starts “at fertilization”, while junking tax holidays for providers of abortion and prohibiting such acts done exclusively due to the baby’s gender.

Members of the House of Representatives voted 90-30 for a settlement of the measure that seeks to reconcile disparities between the two legislative commissions, just a few moments after the Senate voted 28-10 to approve it.

The governor (Rep.) is strongly opposing the abortion measure and those who support it expect the Republican to approve it into law in order for the new prohibitions to take effect on July 1.

On top of the prohibitions on tax holidays and gender-selection abortions, the new measure will ban abortion service providers from taking part in sex education classes in public schools and lays out clearly what details medical practitioners must provide to patients who seek abortions.