MOGADISHU – Seven people died on Sunday morning when a suicide attacker tried to slam a vehicle filled with bombs into a military convoy that was escorting a Qatari delegation.

According to General Gerad Nor Abdhulle, members of a delegations from Qatari, who were being escorted in the interior minister’s convoy, were not injured and safely reached their destination.

Abdulle added that the government official was not in the convoy.

Police officer Mohammed Abde, who was at the scene of the explosion, said that four people and a member of the Army were killed.

According to Medina Hospital doctor Duniya Mohammed Ali, another two persons died in the hospital and 18 were undergoing treatment for injuries from the bomb explosion.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed said that the delegates are conducting development projects in Mogadishu.

Mohamed blamed the al-Qaida-linked Somali militant organization Al-Shabab as the one responsible for the suicide bombing.

After the blast, military troops fired in the air to expel the crowds that had converged at the explosion area at the crowded KM4 junction.

In another incident Sunday, four army soldiers of Somalia were hurt when a roadside bomb hit a government vehicle in the Deynile district, in Mogadishu.

The Somali government reopened main roads in the capital four days earlier, which had been shut down for security purposes.

Officials said the roads were blocked after the government received intelligence reports that militants were going to launch suicide attacks.